Aussie man caught on camera speeding down motorway with baby on his lap

Frightening video of a driver speeding down an Australian motorway with a baby on his lap has sparked a police investigation.

The footage shows a man driving down the Pacific Motorway in Queensland with a small child perched unrestrained on his lap.

The motorist could face a $400 penalty and three demerit points for failing to secure a passenger under 16.

He could also face other charges such as dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

"He's endangering the child because the child's not restrained and it looks like he's wearing a seatbelt himself," acting sergeant Geoff Steel told 7 News.

The driver's poor driving has been likened to "child abuse" by Kidsafe Queensland's chief executive Susan Teerds.

"He doesn't know what's going to happen in that car," Teerds told 7 News.

"If he was to be rear-ended or if he were to hit someone, even if he was hit side on and that airbag goes off, the child would die."

Aussie woman 'Cozza' Hambly shot the video and said she was shocked by the man's behaviour.

"It's so unsafe, I just couldn't believe it," she said. 

"It was pretty frightening to see such a young child sitting on a lap doing 110km on the highway."

Once she re-watched the video, she noticed a car seat in the back.

"In my mind there's really no excuse. The airbag could have gone off and really damaged that child so he needed to be reported."