Berlin politician wants to install 'sex booths' at old airport to regulate sex work

The mayor of a central district of Berlin has suggested installing booths where prostitutes can meet clients at a disused airport.

Stephen von Dassel of the Green party in Mitte, proposed the changes in a statement in July, saying sex workers in the city are working in unsafe conditions. 

To change this, von Dassel says booths should be installed at the former Tempelhof airport so prostitutes could meet clients safely.

The airport was turned into a park in 2008.

"By accepting the current situation, the state of Berlin tolerates and promotes forced prostitution, violence against women and drug addiction by women in existential distress," he said.

Currently, a lot of sex workers do business on Kurfurstenstrasse, an upmarket street in Mitte.

'Residents and businesses have been calling for a ban on street prostitution for many years," said von Dassel.

He theorises if booths were available in the disused airport, then street prostitution could be restricted. 

In turn, the lives of sex workers and residents would improve.

Only a minority of sex workers on Berlin's streets are registered and receiving health advice.

"Publicly controlled performance boxes can improve working conditions, especially women's safety, and reduce the negative impact of prostitution on the living environment."



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