Black man arrested in own home after alarm accidentally triggered

A man mistakenly arrested in his own home and marched down the street in his underwear at gunpoint is disappointed none of his neighbours stepped in to help.

Kazeem Oyeneyin, a 31-year-old concert promoter from Durham, North Carolina, told ABC News it was the "most humiliating experience of my life".

It was just after midday on August 17 when a guest at his home accidentally set the alarm off, Oyeneyin said. He was sleeping at the time after working late.

"I go downstairs. I disengage the alarm. I go back upstairs, I laid down. Twenty minutes later, I just hear these loud noises, so, I come down my steps, I grab my gun because I don't know who's in the house."

Turns out it was the police. Video shows an officer pointing a gun inside, shouting for Oyeneyin to "come on out with your hands up".

Oyeneyin tells them he has a gun too - legally - but puts it down and walks towards the officer. But he pauses, telling the officer he's in his "drawers". The officer tells him to turn around and put his hands behind his back.

"What for?" Oyeneyin asks, insisting it's his house.

More officers arrive. 

"What have I done wrong? I haven't done nothing wrong," Oyeneyin pleads, before being forced outside. 

The waiting patrol car was a few houses down the street.

"While the cop was trying to put me in the car, I'm screaming, like 'Yo!' because I want my neighbours to come out and tell them that I live there," Oyeneyin told ABC News. "So, the neighbours are just looking through the windows and I'm just humiliated. Nobody wants to say nothing. Everybody's just looking."

Eventually a sergeant who knew Oyeneyin showed up and told his subordinates to back off, explaining Oyeneyin was indeed the homeowner.

"I went outside the other day, the neighbours wouldn't even wave at me. They don't know what's going on. They think I'm a whole criminal over here."

He reportedly declined to make a formal complaint, because that would involve going down to the station - and he no longer knows which cops to trust.