Brazilian gang leader attempts to escape prison by dressing up as his daughter

A Brazilian gang member has failed to escape prison by dressing as his daughter - despite wearing a full silicon mask.

Prison officials stopped Clauvino da Silva, also known as "Shorty" as he attempted to escape out the front door of Rio de Janerio's Gericinó prison dressed as a woman.

Video of da Silva shows him wearing tight jeans, a pink shirt, a long dark wig and a mask of a girls face.

The 42-year-olds' plan seemed to be to leave his 19-year-old daughter imprisoned in his place.

His suspicious behaviour and nervousness led to his capture, according to prison authorities.

The man was one of the leaders of the Red Command, one of Brazil's most powerful drug trafficking gangs, reports the New York Times

After his failed escape attempt, da Silva has been transferred into maximum security facility.

 He will face disciplinary sanctions, and his daughter is being investigated as an accomplice.