Brooklyn street covered in mystery raw chicken

A street in Brooklyn has been mysteriously covered in raw chicken

The raw chicken reportedly initially appeared as a huge pile on Friday., but over the course of the morning it was slowly ground down into the road by passing vehicles.

Witness Cullen Camic told Buzzfeed News the mess wasn't foul-smelling, and appeared quite fresh when he first spotted it.

"It was just like a white mound, much more cohesive than in the video," he said.

The chicken pile had dispersed and was spread across the road, partially ground into the pavement by vehicles running it over.

Chicken on the road.
Some of the chicken. Photo credit: Cullen Camic

New York Department of Sanitation (DSNY) workers cleaned up the chicken using a mechanical broom and then flushing the street with water.

But the mystery of how it got there in the first place remains. Camic thinks it could have been destined for a fast-food restaurant.

"It was clean chicken, probably headed to Popeye's or something... It looked like some weird piece of abstract art."

The DSNY is investigating its origin.


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