CCTV footage captures moment a toddler falls into a manhole in China

A toddler in China has escaped serious injury after falling into a manhole.

CCTV footage shows the 3-year-old and his parents walking down a street in Zunyi, in China's Guizhou Province. 

The boy stops to peer inside a manhole with a broken cover.

As the boy steps forward the cover gives way, sending him hurtling into the darkness beneath the street.

His parents can be seen rushing over and standing over the hole. 

His frantic father starts to climb in after the toddler feet first, before reconsidering and entering the hole head first to rescue the boy.

The man then pulls the toddler out by his arm and cradles him on the street.

Miraculously, the child suffered only minor injuries, reports CBS.

The hole has since been repaired so no more unsuspecting children fall in.



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