Climate change activist Greta Thunberg arrives in New York after two-week sail from the UK

A 16-year-old climate change activist has made it to New York after setting sail on her trans-Atlantic crossing two weeks ago.

Greta Thunberg embarked on her 4828-kilometre journey from the English city of Plymouth on August 14. The Swedish teenager is due to attend a United Nations climate change summit in New York before continuing her travels to a conference in Chile. 

In a bid to decrease the carbon footprint of her voyage, Thunberg travelled on the solar-panelled, zero-carbon emissions yacht, Malizia II.

Greta announced her arrival in the Big Apple on Wednesday via Twitter (local time), saying she had made it to Conney Island and was in the process of clearing customs and immigration.

"We will come ashore at North Cove Marina earliest 2:45pm, tide allowing," she tweeted.

Greta spoke to reporters after crowds eagerly awaited her arrival in Manhattan.

"My message for [US President Donald Trump] is just listen to the science... no one has been able to convince him about the climate crisis, the urgency, then why should I be able to do that?" the 16-year-old told reporters, according to Reuters.

"I'm just going to focus on spreading awareness."

Greta Thunberg was greeted by crowds of fans as she arrived in NYC.
Greta Thunberg was greeted by crowds of fans as she arrived in NYC. Photo credit: Reuters

The 16-year-old is known for inspiring a global movement after she started missing school on Fridays to protest again political inaction on climate change. Her actions inspired youth around the world to do the same, Reuters reports.

She said she wanted to show the world "climate change is a real thing" when she set out on her travels two weeks ago. 

Greta will attend the UN summit on September 24. She will also appear at the COP25 climate conference in Chile in December.