Council tells kids to 'keep quiet' at Sydney playground

If you're heading on a family holiday to Sydney, you might not want to take your children to this Manly playground.

Playgrounds are usually a place of fun, joy and where children can express themselves.

But the local council clearly doesn't share that viewpoint. It's put signage up at the Manly Lagoon Reserve Playground, asking children to keep their noise down.

The sign tells people to be "mindful of excessive noise" which is "disruptive to neighbours living nearby."

A photo of the sign was posted to Facebook by resident Martijn Timmer.

"What sad people we share the land with," he wrote.

One commenter said Sydney had become an "uptight" city.

"No tolerance for anything these days."

Others also expressed their outrage, one writing it was "absolutely shocking".

In a statement to 9 News' A Current Affair programme, the council confirmed it had removed the sign.

"As a duty of care to this resident [Timmer], council was left with no other choice but to remove the sign that was causing concern."