Drones: The $2300 flame-thrower you can attach to your aerial vehicle

A flame-thrower you can attach to your drone - that's right, a flame thrower - will cost you about NZ$2300.

But who in their right mind would buy such a thing?

Well the US company who created it - Throwflame - clearly see a gap in the market. The company says on its website that the flame-thrower - known as the TF-19 Wasp - is an attachment designed for "remote ignition of aerial and ground targets" bringing "new levels of efficiency and manageability for agriculture".

Ahh, so now it makes sense - "agriculture".

Twitter users, however, weren't so sure it would just be used for agriculture.

"My problem with that is selling it to the general public. A flame-thrower drone in remote terrain could be useful by trained professionals," one said.

"Any tool in the wrong hands is a danger," another wrote. "Drones are a valuable tool when used correctly."

Throwflame says the TF-19 is capable of igniting targets nearly 8 metres away.

The company's website says the equipment is "reliable and versatile" and "fit for any mission".

It appears such technology was first seen in 2016, used by an electrical maintenance company in China to remove debris from power lines, Business Insider Australia reported.


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