Enormous waterspout spins through Amsterdam

Eyewitnesses were shocked at its power. Photo credit: Marie Hemelrijk / Twitter

An enormous waterspout was spotted spinning through Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, on Friday evening (local time).

Footage captured the powerful waterspout barrelling over the Oosterdok waterway. Multiple eyewitness videos show the waterspout moving at great speed, sending debris flying into the air and bending trees with its fury.

"What the actual f**k. Amsterdam central, Oosterdok just now," one person tweeted.

There are no reports of injuries, however local media report damage to various places in the city.

Enormous waterspout spins through Amsterdam

According to the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), the powerful weather event had been caused by thunderstorms over the city.

On Saturday morning (NZ time) the weather forecaster also warned more waterspouts could strike as heavy winds and gusts continue to slam the country.