Eruption of Stromboli volcano in Italy wows tourists

The eruption of the Stromboli volcano continued in the early hours of Friday, as life on the small Sicilian island continued as normal.

Explosions from the northeast crater lit up the night sky of the small volcanic island but luckily no damage or injuries had been reported.

Despite the latest big eruption, Stromboli volcano guide Adriano Di Pietro was still able to take tourists along a rocky trek path to see the spectacular spurting lava light up the night sky.

"The activity of the volcano at this time is quite strong, the explosions are quite high and reach about 300 metres in height from the crater", Di Pietro told Reuters, as the volcano roared behind him.

Because of the explosion, people cannot reach the upper crater as usual, so they have to stay at a safe distance away.

And tourists, like Daniela from Lithuania, did not miss the opportunity to admire the magnificent and wild spectacle offered by the force of nature.

"As you see, it's just amazing, it's magnificent and unique, so wild," she said. "You feel so little and you just don't have any words and you can hear the sound and you just feel amazing."

The reflection of smoking hot red lava turned the clouds of smoke red, giving the small town on the volcano a fairytale atmosphere.

The island's residents are used to volcanic activity but tourists are often scared if they experience eruptions, feeling powerless.

"These are extraordinary events that all show the strength of a volcano, the magic of a volcano", Stromboli resident and restaurant owner Carlo Lanza said.

"People who are not used to these events could feel moments of fear and panic and therefore the residents of Stromboli, who are used to these events, must be available and reach out to those who are afraid and discouraged and offer smiles to dry their tears", he added.

According to the website, Stromboli is one of the most active volcanoes on the planet and has been erupting almost continuously since 1932.

The Stromboli volcano, located in southern Italy off the Sicilian coast, erupted in July releasing hot trapped magma in a powerful explosion, killing one person and enveloping the popular tourist destination in ash.