French waiter shot dead for 'not preparing sandwich quickly enough', witnesses say

Policemen outside Paris pizzeria.
Policemen stand in front of the Paris pizzeria where the fatal encounter took place. Photo credit: Getty/Tiphaine Le Liboux.

A French waiter has been fatally shot by a customer at a pizzeria on the outskirts of Paris.

The 28-year-old man was shot in the shoulder with a handgun on Friday night (local time). 

Witnesses claim the patron become incensed after "his sandwich was not prepared quickly enough" while visiting the eatery, Mistral, in the eastern suburb of Noisy-le-Grand.

Attempts to revive the man failed and he died at the scene. The gunman reportedly fled the pizzeria.

A murder investigation has now been opened by police, reports The Guardian.

A local told media the restaurant was a quiet and relatively new establishment.

Other residents have claimed the area is known for its prevalent drug-dealing and public displays of alcohol intoxication.

The shooter is reportedly still on the run as of Saturday (local time). 


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