Heartbroken father describes moment daughter mauled by sharks in Bahamas

A heartbroken father has described the moment his daughter was mauled to death by sharks in the Bahamas.

Michael Lindsey told ABC his 21-year-old daughter, Jordan, was killed in a shark attack while out snorkelling with her mother at Rose Island in the Bahamas.

He said Jordan was attacked by two sharks and tried to swim away after her arm had been bitten off. 

Michael says at the time he and the rest of the Lindsey family, along with Jordan's girlfriend Gianna, were onshore when they noticed people congregating at the beach.

"We were on the other side, petting the pigs, and slowly people were filtering down… congregating on the beach," he said.

"Someone said 'this teenage girl got bit by a shark' and someone mentioned she was with her mum too. I took off."

He would soon find out that his daughter had been attacked by two sharks as her mother, Kami, looked on, unable to help.

"Kami said she heard Jordan yell 'Mum' and Kami looked back and the first thing was she thought dolphins were around Jordan, then she realised right away that Jordan was screaming 'Mum'," Michael said.

"Kami turned around and started swimming to Jordan and she is yelling 'Jordan come swim to me'.

"Jordan is not swimming so good and Kami realised the first shark took most of her right arm off, and that's why she couldn't swim."

Heartbroken father describes moment daughter mauled by sharks in Bahamas
Photo credit: ABC / Screenshot / Getty.

Michael says a second shark then went in for a bite and took a "giant chunk out of her". Kami tried to hit it on the nose but the shark was so large it didn't seem to feel a thing.

The pair eventually got to a small island where they had to wait for a boat to take them to the shore for medical assistance - however, Michael says it had no medical supplies. Jordan was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late.

Michael said Kami remains traumatised by the event.

"She's seen all that blood, she has seen her poor daughter die in her arms. Kami doesn't like the night because when she closes her eyes she is back in that water again."

According to ABC, Sandy Toes Tour Company, which is in charge of excursions on Rose Island, has expressed its condolences and added new safety measures, like shark spotters, on tours.


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