Heavy flooding leaves crocodile perched on roof in India

Terrifying video of severe flooding in India has surfaced on Twitter, showing a gigantic crocodile sitting on the roof of a building.

The video shows the huge reptile perched on the roof of a completely submerged building in Belgaum, Karnataka. 

According to officials the crocodile was spooked by the audience and escaped into the nearby forest before it could be caught, reports Hindustan Times.

The clip, shared by ANI on Twitter, has already received more than 55,000 views. 

Flooding in southwest India began on 1 August and has reached crisis point.

Forty people are dead, 14 are missing and more than 500,000 people have been evacuated, reports Hindustan Times. 

Belgaum, where the video was shot, is one of the worst affected districts. 

All schools and colleges in flooded districts will remain closed until 15 August. 



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