'I'm so sorry': Father of alleged killer Canadian teen's message to bereaved families

Alan Schmeglsky and his son.
Alan Schmeglsky and his son. Photo credit: 60 Minutes/CNN

The father of a Canadian teenager accused of a killing spree has apologised to the families of the victims.

Alan Schmegelsky spoke about his pain in a new interview for 60 minutes, but wouldn't go as far as to call his 18-year-old son Bryer a killer.

Bryer's body was found alongside his childhood friend Kam McLeod, 19, on August 7. The pair are accused of the murders of Lucas Fowler, Chynna Deese and Leonard Dyck.

"I'm so sorry for what's happened, okay?" Schmegelsky told 60 Minutes.

"Whether it's my son or someone else, we don't know. I have just lost my son, I know exactly how you [the families] feel."

He wouldn't call his son a murderer though and said he wants to all the evidence. Schmegelsky said he's living the "worst nightmare anyone could ever imagine" after Bryer's death.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police announced they found the bodies of the alleged killers near the shoreline of the Nelson River on Thursday (NZ time).

The killing spree the pair are accused of taking part in began on July 14, when tourists Fowler and Deese were shot dead in the western province of British Columbia. 

They are believed to have encountered and murdered Dyck, a botanist from the University of Columbia, near Dease Lake, also in British Columbia, five days later.