Iranian woman jailed for 24 years for not wearing headscarf

An Iranian woman who removed her headscarf in protest has been jailed for 24 years.

Activist Saba Kord Afshari faced charges of "spreading corruption and prostitution" by taking off her hijab and walking in public without a veil, as well as "spreading propaganda against the state" and "assembly and collusion", according to the Iran Human Rights Monitor (HRM).

The HRM says because of "numerous charges and previous records", Afshari's sentence was increased by one half.

It comes after three Iranian women were also given lengthy prison sentences for publicly protesting against the compulsory wearing of veils earlier this month.

The United Nations (UN) says the trio were "peacefully protesting" and condemned the sentences.

Women have been required to wear at least a hijab while in public since the country's Islamic revolution of 1979.

Iranian woman jailed for 24 years for not wearing headscarf
Photo credit: Twitter

"We remind the Iranian authorities that women human rights defenders challenging the imposition of a compulsory dress code on women are acting in defence of universally guaranteed human rights," UN rights experts said.

Before the 1979 revolution, Iranian women wore clothes similar to women in the West, including miniskirts, singlets and shorts.