Islamic Iran rocked by politician sex tape scandals

iran sex tapes
One was recorded on a hidden camera, the other by the politician himself. Photo credit: France 24/supplied

Two Iranian politicians have been caught on camera having sexual relations with mistresses.

The scandals have reportedly rocked the Islamic Republic, which employs morality police known as the Guidance Patrol to enforce conservative norms.

The clips were released on social media earlier in August, French media reported.

"We already knew that lots of Iranian officials were living double lives - that's not really a secret - but these videos are proof," an unnamed Iranian journalist told France 24.

"People see these videos as just more proof of government officials' hypocrisy. These men have the right to have sexual relations, of course, and most people don't really care who they do it with... but the men in question are officials of the Islamic Republic, a country with a morality police that arrests people for dating out of wedlock."

The first recording emerged on August 6, showing former Governor and parliamentary candidate Ali Mohammad Ahmadi having sex with a woman. It appears to have been recorded on a hidden camera. 

Local media outlets with connections to Ahmadi said she was his "legitimate wife under Islamic law", and he had been blackmailed by a foreign intelligence agency, which released the clip when he refused to take part in a Canadian TV show critical of the Iranian regime. 

The woman, reportedly not the wife he usually appears with in public, has reportedly been identified as an employee of an Iranian airline. A second video of the pair kissing emerged that same day. 

Three days later a recording emerged showing Abbas Malekzadeh, the Mayor of Sadra, caressing a naked woman. He shot the video himself in a mirror on a cellphone.

The clip emerged just days after he was arrested and charged with corruption, France 24 reported.

The woman in the clip has pleaded with social media users to stop sharing the video, saying it was filmed a few years ago and she has since got married to someone else. 

The recordings are believed to be the first political sex tapes leaked in Iran since it became a theocracy in 1979.



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