Islamic State 'blooper reel' revealed by al-Qaeda amid fighting in Yemen

New footage has been released in what's being described as a "blooper reel" of Islamic State (IS) propaganda.

The footage was originally released by al-Qaeda's Hidaya Media, and shows a member of IS on his knees attempting a renewal of allegiance to the leader of the militant group.

His pledge of allegiance proves unsuccessful however, as a squawking bird continuously interrupts him.

The video shows the jihadi distracted by the bird, while someone can be heard saying "stay calm, keep cool".

"Leader's feeble memory adds to the woes," said a woman who shared the video on Twitter, Dr Elisabeth Kendall. "These bodged 'takes' didn't even make it into the official video on this solemn event, released end [of] July," writes Dr Kendall, a Middle East expert at Oxford University.

The Telegraph describes al-Qaeda and IS as "bitter rivals", as they both continue to fight Houthi militants, who are backed by Iran.

Al-Qaeda's media company has not specified how it came to be in possession of the footage, according to reports. Dr Kendall suggests it could have been found when the group overran IS camps in Yemen.

"Embarrassingly, #alQaeda does counter narratives better than we do," Dr Kendall wrote on Twitter.


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