Kenyan mother and MP kicked out of Parliament for bringing her baby to work

An MP in Kenya has been kicked out of Parliament after she brought her baby to work.

Zuleika Hassan says she had to bring her five-month-old because of a domestic emergency, and Parliament did not have a creche.

"I have tried really hard not to come with the baby, but today I had an emergency; what was I supposed to do?" she told her colleagues. "If parliament had a nursery or a creche, I would be able to put my baby there."

It sparked outrage from male colleagues, while other female MPs walked out in solidarity.

House rules in Kenya mean 'strangers' - including children - are not allowed in the chamber, BBC News reports.

A Bill was passed in 2017 to have breastfeeding and changing rooms available in workplaces, but Kenya's parliament still doesn't have any.

In contrast, New Zealand's Parliament in 2017 passed a Bill extending paid parental leave whilst Speaker Trevor Mallard held a three-month-old baby.