Lightning strike causes US homeowner's toilet to explode 'like a missile'

Exploded toilet.
It was an explosive surprise. Photo credit: A-1 Affordable Plumbing Inc/Facebook.

If there was ever a reason to avoid the loo during a thunderstorm - this is it.

A couple from the US state of Florida got an explosive surprise after their master bedroom toilet exploded on Sunday morning (local time), reports CNN affiliate WBBH.

MaryLou Ward says she was blown out of bed when a powerful bout of thunder and lightning shattered the adjacent toilet. 

A-1 Affordable Plumbing claims the property's septic tank was struck by lightning, causing the toilet to explode.

"Lightning struck this homeowners' septic tank, igniting the methane gas in the sewer pipes and causing an explosion," a plumber shared on the company's Facebook page.


"[The explosion] sent porcelain airborne like a missile, the porcelain penetrated the wall. 

The plumber says the couple's sewer piping and septic tank will need replacing, but it's lucky no one was injured in the blast.

"I already sent a picture to my kids," says the couple's neighbour, Charles Allen.

"Here's the proof why you shouldn't go near the bathroom in a thunderstorm."

Before a societal panic over toilets kicks off, the plumbing company did claim this incident is as rare as a person getting struck by lightning.