Man who dumps fridge down ravine in Spain ordered to drag it up

A man who dumped a fridge down a ravine in Spain has been forced to drag it back up. 

The litterbug was also fined 45,000 euros (around NZ$79,000) and sacked from his job at a company that recycles domestic electronic equipment, 

A video shared online showed the man pushing a fridge off the side of a road in the Valle de Almanzora, in southern Spain. As he dumps the appliance, he can be heard saying "recycling, let's go, let's see how many flips it can do".

After being identified by Spain's Civil Guard, the man, along with a companion, was ordered to pull the fridge back up the ravine. Authorities also filmed his effort and posted the video to Twitter.

And it wasn't the man's first time illegally dumping things either, another video also surfaced showing him disposing of a washing machine in the same way, reports The Guardian

An inspection of the company where the man worked also revealed 50 washing machines and 20 fridges left in a warehouse courtyard covered in vegetation. The company faces a possible fine of 300,000 euros (NZ$525,000). 

"I really regret what I've done because it's meant I've lost my job and has aggravated the problems I have with anxiety," The Guardian reported him as saying.

"All I want now is for this to go away and the effect it's having on my family, my girlfriend and me. I don't want people to have this image of me, as though I were a murderer."


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