Massive Ibiza fire shocks tourists, devours vegetation

A massive fire in an Ibiza tourist hot spot has sent dark smoke billowing into the air.

Video footage of the fire shows a black cloud of smoke coming from vegetation near San Antonio, Ibiza, one of the island's main resort areas.

An aeroplane can also be seen flying overhead, dropping water in an effort to control the blaze, which media outlets Periodico de Ibiza and The Ibizan report began on a plot of land which contained flammable materials.

DJ Bobby Harvey tweeted: "Ibiza is on fire!", while another Twitter user who witnessed the fire hoped those close to the fires were safe

The Ibizan says two fire planes, three helicopters, two fire engines, and 26 firefighters were called to the scene to help tackle the fire. One car was devoured by the flames, but no one is believed to have been hurt.

The blaze is now under control but it has burnt 1.35 hectares of vegetation, according to the Balearic Institute of Nature. 


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