More than $1 million worth of cocaine found amongst bananas at US grocery stores

US authorities are scratching their heads about how a shipment of cocaine hidden among bananas made it all the way to three grocery stores. 

The drugs were found in Washington state after workers became suspicious of the produce, CNN reports. 

Police found several packages adding up to 23kg of cocaine, each worth around US$550,000 (NZ$863,000), in the bananas at the Safeways in Woodinville, Bellingham and Federal Way in Washington. 

An investigation is underway into where the drugs came from. 

"We do know it was all shipped from a central warehouse, but we don't know where it originated yet, so that's a work in progress," Seargeant Ryan Abbott from King County Sheriff's Office told CNN. 

He added no more will be making their way to stores. 

"Safeway has been great and they went through every single box in their warehouse and all of their stores just to make sure there's no other issues." 

It's not the first time bananas have been connected with drugs. New Zealand's largest known cocaine import was discovered hidden in banana shipment that arrived in Auckland from Panama.