Multiple injuries after stabbing in Sydney's CBD

Multiple injuries after stabbing in Sydney's CBD
Photo credit: Jack Huddo / Twitter

Warning - video in this article contains distressing scenes and language.

Police have named the man accused of a stabbing attack in the Sydney CBD.

Mert Ney, 21, acted alone in the stabbing and was "not currently classed as a terror incident" police said in a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

Ney is alleged to have stabbed a woman in a central hotel and to have attempted to stab multiple other people as he ran around King and Clarence Streets, near Wynyard Station.

The injured woman was taken to hospital in a stable condition.

Around an hour later a 21-year-old woman was found dead in an apartment block.

"All information we have at hand would link these two crimes," police said.

Police said Ney had a history of mental health issues and was "by definition a lone actor".

"Information was found on him that would suggest he had some ideologies related to terrorism... but he has no apparent links to other terrorist organisations," police said, stressing that the investigation was still in its infancy. 

Earlier, authorities had praised the "brave people" who confronted the attaker and placed him under citizen's arrest.

"These members of the public ... have jumped into this situation that was extremely hostile. They have brought this person into custody and allowed us to do our job," Superintendent Gavin Wood told reporters at the scene.

Police responded to the first incident at King and Clarence Streets, near Wynyard Station around 2pm (local time).

Footage filmed by bystanders showed a man running through the streets carrying a knife.

Twitter user Jack Huddo said:  "So insane! A random dude just started stabbing people in the city right outside where we were having lunch. I saw people running so I ran towards him with a few other guys."

Reporter Andrew Denney, of 7 News Sydney, said the man had been arrested thanks to "incredible bravery" from members of the public and police officers.

In the video, the man can be seen jumping on top of a car, and yelling "shoot me in the f**king head", before he is eventually wrestled to the ground.

"There are people you just stabbed, you dog," someone yells at the man when he is caught.

Other bystanders can be heard yelling "you're going to hell".