Mystery surrounds death of man in Netherlands park who allegedly sexually assaulted 4yo girl

The scene where the incident took place.
The scene where the incident took place. Photo credit: Screen grab via NOS

A man who's alleged to have sexually assaulted a four-year-old girl in the Netherlands on Saturday (local time) died after he was approached by the girl's father and four others.

But police say there's no evidence the men abused the alleged paedophile.

Local police say the 32-year-old man is accused of being involved in the sexual offence in the town of Assen before he died, about 1pm on Saturday. 

Investigations have revealed the man was approached by the girl's father, before they became involved in a struggle and fell. Four bystanders then got involved.

They all held the man down until police arrived, a statement said, but the man later turned out to have died. The four bystanders were arrested, while the father reported to police himself.

However, on Sunday (local time) the five men were released. Police said an investigation found they had not abused the dead man.

"The five men arrested in connection with this have been heard by police," the statement said. "In addition, a neighbourhood investigation has taken place."

Police said further investigations will continue on Monday (local time).