New lawsuits allege Jeffrey Esptein 'forcibly' used sex toy on woman, confiscated victim's passport

Jeffrey Epstein.
Jeffrey Epstein. Photo credit: Getty

Warning this article contains graphic content.

Three more women are suing the estate of Jeffrey Epstein, accusing the late financier of sexual abuse.

The lawsuits accused the billionaire of not only recruiting underage girls, but also of confiscating one of their passports so she couldn't leave his Caribbean island and "forcibly" using a sex toy on another.

The allegations come after Epstein's arrest last month on charges of sex trafficking and his subsequent suicide in prison on August 10.

The lawsuits were filed in a Manhattan Federal Court on August 19 (local time), reports Reuters.

The accusers allege that Epstein had a "vast enterprise" of associates who recruited them, with all three saying the abuses they suffered continued even after Epstein struck a deal with prosecutors in 2008, where he pleaded guilty to lesser charges and effectively ended further investigation into his actions. As part of that deal, Epstein served just 13 months in prison and was allowed to leave custody 12 hours a day, six days a week, to work from his private office.

Two of the women named in the lawsuits, identified as Lisa Doe and Katlyn Doe were 17 when they met Epstein, with the third, Priscilla Doe, aged 20.

The new charges allege that Epstein flew Katlyn and Priscilla to Florida so he could continue to abuse them while he was on work release from jail, Reuters reports.

Katlyn was made to marry an associate of Epstein's in order that the man could become a citizen of the US. She was also forced to "lose her virginity" to Epstein, Reuters reports the lawsuit as saying. 

Priscilla's lawsuit named not only Epstein, but also his ex-girlfriend and business associate Ghislaine Maxwell. The lawsuit claims that Maxwell taught her the "proper way" to sexually please Epstein while she was visiting him on his island in the Carribbean, as well as also alleging that Epstein confiscated her passport so she couldn't leave without his permission, according to CBS.

Maxwell, who has been accused of acting as the mulitmillionaire's "madame" and "co-conspirator", has denied recruiting women for Epstein and has not been charged with any crime

The lawsuit filed for Lisa says Epstein initially recruited her a dance teacher and promised to further her career as a dancer. He also "used a sex toy on her, forcibly", CBS reports.

Just two days before he died, Epstein signed a will placing all of his property in a trust. According to the document his fortune amounted to almost US$578 million (NZ$901 million).

It is not clear how much the lawsuits are seeking from Epstein's estate.

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