Rhino charges and flips car at German safari park

An enraged rhino has been captured on camera rampaging at a German safari park vehicle.

Footage shows the angry animal using its horn and strength to charge toward the car before flipping it over. 

A  worker was in the car during the attack while the rhino moves the small zebra-striped hatchback over multiple times.

Kusini the rhino lives at the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, Lower Saxony. His keepers say they have no idea what caused him to get so angry.

Park manager Fabrizio Sepe told DPA news agency Kusini has only lived at the park for 18 months and is still adjusting.

The rhino attacks the car
The rhino attacks the car Photo credit: Youtube/Einstein Gamer

He said the rhino is not a risk to the public as Kusini is only allowed on the park premises after visitors have left.

The keeper who was in the car when Kusini charged escaped with only minor bruising.

He has admitted perhaps the 30-year-old rhino would be better off in a zoo environment, but Kusini is "a very valuable animal" who was given to the park for breeding. 



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