'Scary' footage of caravan flipping, rolling shared by Queensland police

Shocking video footage of a vehicle towing a caravan spinning out of control on an Australian highway has been shared by Queensland police with a plea for motorists to be safer on the roads.

On Monday evening, the Queensland Police Service shared a video on their Facebook page of a vehicle and the caravan it was towing losing traction and flipping.

While the dashcam is dated 2015, police say the incident occured on the Bruce Highway at Gumlu, near Townsville, on July 29 this year.

The footage shows the vehicle and caravan overtaking another vehicle and then losing traction at high speed. The caravan's wheels then begin to leave the ground and the towing vehicle swerves causing it to flip while the caravan rolls over. Debris can be seen ripping off the vehicle and being strewn over the road.

"Thankfully no-one was seriously injured. Police are reminding motorists to ensure they are driving to conditions and being safe when towing," police said in a caption to the video.

A 67-year-old South Australian man and his passenger were left with minor injuries, which Senior Constable Mark Siddall said was amazing considering the dramatic incident.

"The driver of any vehicle is legally responsible for being safe when towing a caravan," Siddall said.

The post has received thousands of reactions and shares on Facebook, with many shocked the vehicle was trying to overtake while towing a caravan.

"I live in NSW but this is scary. Makes me nervous about driving one day, said one user, while another said: "Why they'd even need to be overtaking is beyond my comprehension."