Social media amused by photo of Melania Trump and Justin Trudeau

Social media users are laughing at Melania Trump after she was captured having a seemingly amorous moment with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The picture was taken by a Reuters photographer during this weekend's G7 Summit in France, where Melania appears to be leaning in towards Trudeau's face.

Twitter users were quick to notice what was going on.

"Melania is ready to risk it all," comedian Loni Love wrote.

"This picture is worth a thousand words and twice as many laughs," US-based writer Tara Dublin wrote.

Melania's husband US President Donald Trump is in the picture, but looking away, clearly not noticing what is going on in front of him.

The image reminded some of another photo taken of Trudeau and Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka in 2017, which many people said looked like she was swooning.

"Get you someone that looks at you the way Ivanka Trump looks at Justin Trudeau," Huffington Post journalist Philip Lewis wrote at the time.