Sole survivor of family massacre testifies against alleged killer in Texas court

The Stay family
The Stay family Photo credit: Facebook

Warning: this article contains details which may distress some readers.

The sole survivor of a massacre which killed every other member of her family has testified in court.

The accused killer is her uncle Ronald Haskell.

Haskell could face death row for allegedly slaughtering his sister-in-law, her husband and four of their children because they were protecting his ex-wife from his violent behaviour.

His trial could last more than two months. If convicted, he will face either the death penalty or life in prison, reports the Houston Chronicle.

The sole survivor of the massacre, 20-year-old Cassidy Stay testified against her uncle in a Texas court on Wednesday.

She was only 15 when Haskell allegedly shot her entire family in front of her in 2014.

He is charged with one count of capital murder for each of his six victims. 

Ronald Haskell
Ronald Haskell Photo credit: Facebook

Haskell admits he killed the family but says he was severely mentally ill at the time.

Cassidy told the court she remembers every moment of that day.

"The room smelled like blood. It tasted sour," she told the court.

"It felt heavy and hot. There was no spirit in that room."

At the time of the murders, Haskell was "twisted and severely ill," and hearing voices.

"This was not a rational plan," said defence attorney Douglas Durham in court on Tuesday.

Cassidy says her uncle was not insane at the time.

"No, it was all him."



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