Sydney restricted driver parks Range Rover in disabled spot - with photocopied permit

An Australian restricted driver has been caught parking a Range Rover Sport in a disabled parking bay with a photocopied permit.

The 28-year-old woman was caught parking her P-plated vehicle in a disabled park in the Sydney suburb of Croydon Park. P-plates indicate a driver is on their provisional license, similar to a restricted license in New Zealand. 

When police asked to see her mobility parking scheme permit, the woman presented a colour photocopy of a legitimate card, 7News reports. However, distorted numbers gave her away.

The woman, who is from the suburb of Drummoyne, then told officers the permit belonged to the vehicle's owner - who also has no registered disabilities.

The woman has been fined AU$572 (NZ$604) and has been given one demerit point as part of a penalty notice.

According to a post shared by NSW Police, the woman hit back at the officers, saying they had no integrity.

"Flexing in a borrowed Range Rover [tick], parking in a disabled spot without a permit [tick], questioning the officer's integrity [tick], the look on their face when issued a $572 ticket and 1 demerit point - priceless!" the NSW Police Force Facebook page joked on Monday.


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