Tiny two-headed turtle found on US beach

What's cuter than one baby turtle? Two baby turtles sharing the same body.

The tiny two-headed critter has been found on a beach on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

The baby turtle was picked up Sea Turtle Patrol. The organisation monitors beaches to protect hatching turtles and spread public awareness about the animals.

It posted a picture of the turtle to Facebook. 

"During a nest inventory this bicephalic hatchling was discovered," wrote the organisation.

"This mutation is more common in reptiles than in other animals but it is still very rare."

In mammals, the mother's body will "fact-check" embryos, according to Dr Justin Adams of Monash University, meaning there are fewer mammals born with the mutation.

"If there are errors in development [in mammals] there are miscarriages and spontaneous abortions," he told ABC.

Reptiles have more offspring than mammals, meaning it's a "numbers game" said Dr Adams.

Their eggs are also exposed to environmental factors which can affect the developing embryo.

"Things like temperature, radiation, chemical toxicity," said Dr Adams.

Turtle Patrol named the babies Squirt and Crush, then as it does with all hatchlings, released them into the ocean.

Comments on the post are full of good wishes for the two baby turtles.

"Aw good luck guys!" wrote one woman.

"Bless! I hope they make it!"

The post has received thousands of reactions and shares.



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