'Trump's big chopper ruined my lawn', Queen reportedly told Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison

He may be keen to buy Greenland, but if the Queen's experience is anything to go by - US President Donald Trump can't even be trusted with a patch of grass.

During his state visit in June, Trump insisted on flying into Buckingham Palace by helicopter twice in one day, ruining the Queen's favourite lawn.

The Queen is reported to have expressed her dismay to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison saying: "Come and look at my lawn - it's ruined".

The Sunday Times reports the Queen made the comments when she was visited by Morrison during D-Day commemorations, a source close to the Australian Prime Minister revealed.

Controversy surrounded the US President's visit, with Trump firing shots at London Mayor Sadiq Khan before he had even touched down. Protesters banded together to try to disrupt the city and express their outrage that the Government had given the man a state visit.

This was encouraged by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who tweeted that Trump's visit was an "opportunity to stand in solidarity with those he's attacked in America".

Newshub / Reuters

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