UK woman arrested for using wrong colour bin bags

Bin bag.
Bin bag. Photo credit: Getty.

A UK woman has been prosecuted for using the wrong colour bin bags after dumping 60 bags of rubbish outside her Ipswich home.

Lyndsey Webb, 34, was also arrested on a warrant after failing to attend court in April. She later claimed she never received a summons. 

A passing warden reported a pile of 10 black rubbish bags on March 4. The mother-of-three was prosecuted by the Ipswich Borough Council for breaching the Environmental Protection Act four times, the Ipswich Star reports.

Webb reportedly missed a new, well-publicised rule prohibiting residents without storage space from depositing black bags on the road.

The recent change to the bin collection system meant locals were required to replace black bags with orange and clear bags for waste separation.

Prosecutor Richard Essex told Suffolk Magistrates Court the case involved around 60 large black rubbish bags dumped over a three-week period.

Essex claimed a sum of £800 (NZ$1510) towards the prosecution and the cleanup.

Jeremy Kendall, who is representing  Webb, says she was given permission to use the black bags while awaiting the arrival of the orange ones.

Kendall also explained Webb's children "generate quite a bit of waste" and the rubbish "didn't inconvenience anyone directly", reports the publication.

Webb was eventually released from detainment without being convicted. She has been ordered to pay £50 (NZ$94) to Ipswich Borough Council.