US man arrested for murder after he allegedly spiked wife's cereal with heroin

An American man has been charged with murder, five years after his wife died from a drug overdose. 

Jason Harris, 44, is accused of spiking Christina Ann-Thompson Harris' cereal with heroin because he didn't want to pay alimony or child support to divorce her.

The 36-year-old mother of two was found dead on 29 September, 2014.

Harris was arrested at his home in Genesee County, Michigan on Tuesday and charged with first-degree pre-meditated murder, solicitation of murder and delivery of a controlled substance causing death.

Genesee County Medical Examiner's Office ruled her death an accidental heroin overdose, but her friends and co-workers said she didn't touch drugs, according to prosecutor David Leyton.

Christina and Jason Harris
Christina and Jason Harris Photo credit: Facebook

Christina was still breastfeeding her four-month-old baby at the time of her death, said Leyton in a press conference on Tuesday.

The circumstances were suspicious, as Harris told police his wife was "careful" about what she put in her body.

For her to die from a heroin overdose made no sense, so police kept the case open.

On Tuesday Leyton said officers tested Christina's breast milk which had been recovered from her parents' home.

None of the milk tested positive for drugs. 

Harris had previously discussed wanting to "get rid" of Christina with his siblings and co-workers but didn't want to divorce her as he would have to pay child support and alimony.

Harris had asked multiple co-workers about which pills were odourless and tasteless.

Six co-workers spoke to police about Harris, saying he wanted Christina dead.  

If convicted, he will serve life in prison.