Vegans storm UK slaughterhouse, refuse to leave until animals are released

Vegan protesters have stormed a slaughterhouse in England, chaining themselves to the machinery and claiming they will not leave until the animals are released.

Activists from the group Smash Speciesism allegedly targeted two abattoirs owned by Forge Farm Meats in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, in the early hours of Tuesday morning (local time). A video of the raid was reportedly uploaded to Facebook. 

Protesters told Metro they had chained themselves to the machinery "with the intention of remaining inside the building and blockading the killing of animals for as long as possible".

Two separate groups accessed both the kill floor and the site's waste silos to ensure their eviction from the site would require "specialised operatives" and "climbing police", Metro reports.

In a statement on social media, the activists said they were aware of the legal ramifications but felt compelled "to push systemic change". 

The group said they would abandon the blockade if all animals scheduled to be killed on Tuesday were transported to an animal sanctuary of their choice. 

The protesters also requested their guaranteed "safety and freedom" in exchange for their surrender.

Police officers were alerted to the protest at 3:35am on Tuesday (local time) and escorted the protesters off the premises.


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