Welsh man slapped with hefty fine after driving with car on its roof

A Welsh man has been fined and given three demerit points after he was caught trying to transport a car strapped to his roof. 

Glyndwr Wyn Richards, 51, was caught driving a Volkswagen Passat with a Skoda Octavia perched on top at an industrial estate in March.

The Metro reports Richards knew it was a "stupid thing to do", but he only drove the car 260 metres at 8 km/h. 

Richards explained he had worked as a mechanic and was helping his friend get rid of the car. 

He said the top car had been strapped down and the stability of the car had been tested by lifting the cars with a forklift, the Metro reported. 

A Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency inspector reportedly deemed the load not to be safe, despite the strap. 

According to the BBC, Richards pleaded guilty to driving a vehicle in a condition likely to cause danger or injury.

Road safety charity Brake told Metro Richard's actions were "incredibly dangerous".

"This is incredibly dangerous behaviour which could have had potentially devastating consequences and has, quite rightly, been punished accordingly," they said. 

Richards was fined NZ$15 and told to pay a victim surcharge of NZ$57 and costs of NZ$164. 


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