Winston the French bulldog survives six-story fall from New York building

A French bulldog beat the odds when he survived a six-storey fall from a New York building.

Winston took off at the end of his evening walk, bolting up a set of stairs and plunging off the roof onto the street below.

A bystander described the situation on Reddit, saying they heard a crash and a scream before discovering the dog surrounded by broken glass inside a car.

"30 seconds pass and a panicked woman comes flying down the stairs of an apartment building, climbs onto the hood of the car and pulls the dog out through the sunroof...

"No one saw the moment of impact but from what we all could put together and from the frantic statements of the woman, the dog got loose on the roof, jumped off and landed perfectly through the sunroof."

Video from the scene shows the bulldog alive and well on a leash on the sidewalk after the incident.

His owner, identified by the Daily Mail as Emma Heinrich, responded to the original Reddit post to confirm Winston had fallen off the roof after being spooked.

"He has a cut on his hind leg that has been stitched, but miraculously did not break a single bone in his body.

"I've been told that he has a fair amount of bruising, as to be expected. [The vets] are holding him for another 24 hours to make sure he is breathing properly and to make sure new symptoms don't manifest."

She said it was an "absolute miracle" he's still alive.


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