Woman released on bail after falsely accusing innocent Good Samaritan of sexual assault

A woman whose lies put an innocent man behind bars for two weeks, costing him his job and his marriage, has been released on bail just hours after being imprisoned.

Good Samaritan Kenan Basic spent hours helping 20-year-old Caitlyn Gray get her car back on the road. She then falsely accused him of indecent assault. 

Gray later admitted to lying following Basic's wrongful imprisonment, 7 News reported.

In Sydney's Bankstown Local Court on Friday, Gray received a nine-month prison sentence, but was released on bail later in the day and can now appeal that sentence.

In June, Gray, 20, gave a written apology for Basic to the magistrate in court, 7 News reported.

Basic said at the time he planned to sue Gray for up to AU$1 million (NZ$1.046 million) in damages.

"I've helped people all my life," he told 7 News.


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