Would-be bank robber in the US nabbed after handing over note with his own name on it

Michael Harrell.
Michael Harrell. Photo credit: Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department

With all the security checks banks have these days, getting away with a robbery has never been more difficult.

None of those high tech gadgets were required to identify a man who attempted to rob a bank in Cleveland last week, however.

After entering the bank, the 54-year-old man handed over a note to the teller demanding money. Unfortunately for the would-be robber, the demand wasn't the only thing written on the note. When the teller turned the paper over, they found the threatening message had been written on the back of a document from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles containing the robber's name and address, FBI special agent Vicki Anderson told WJW-TV news.

The man, identified as Michael Harrell, has now been arrested



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