Australian woman pecked to death by her pet rooster

A rooster
A rooster Photo credit: Getty

An Australian woman bled to death after being pecked by a rooster on her rural property.

She was collecting eggs when the bird pecked her lower left leg. The 76-year-old hemorrhaged, collapsed and died, according to her autopsy.

The findings were published in the August edition of Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology by Professor Roger Byard and Judith Fonczek.

Two small lacerations were found, but her lower leg was covered in dried blood.

She had a history of varicose veins, hypertension and diabetes.

After the rooster pecked a varicose vein, the woman bled out.

Byard says this death should serve as a warning to others who have pets, especially if they have a history of vascular problems.

"This case demonstrates that even relatively small domestic animals may be able to inflict lethal injuries in individuals if there are specific vascular vulnerabilities."