'Black hole' photographed on Jupiter

Stunning new images shot by NASA's Juno spacecraft appear to show a massive black hole on the surface of Jupiter. 

The photographs were taken earlier this month as Juno's elliptical orbit took it close to the gas giant - only 8000km from the top of its clouds.

Jupiter and its new 'black hole'.
Jupiter and its new 'black hole'. Photo credit: NASA

But rather than an abyss from which there is no escape, Jupiter's latest feature is just a shadow cast by one of its moons, Io, as it blocked the sun during an eclipse.

Io is about the same size as Earth's moon, and while the black spot is referred to as a shadow, it is the same as a solar eclipse on earth. Due to the massive size difference between Earth and Jupiter, it appears more like a shadow Universe Today reports.

Another view of the 'hole'.
Another view of the 'hole'. Photo credit: NASA

Last week it was reported a volcano is set to erupt on Io. 

Jupiter's other distinctive feature - its giant red spot - is a storm that is expected to dissipate one day.