Brexit: Why Boris Johnson is doing his best to lose a vote of no confidence

The battle of Brexit has resumed in Britain's parliament, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson doing his deliberate best to lose a vote of no confidence.

That would trigger an election, and give him the chance to take Britain out of Europe without a deal.

It's left his opponents unable to do anything but shout - and keep him in office.

Johnson's Prime Ministership is on the brink of collapse, and he's the one urging opposition MPs to finish him off. 

While appearing full of confidence, he desperately needs an election because he's lost his majority, he's powerless. Now he's baiting Labour to force one.

"Parliament is sabotaging Brexit!" Johnson said. "Labour's fleeing from an election! 

"Give the people a say!"

Johnson should have done the "honourable thing" and resigned, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said.

Labour staying in opposition is prolonging the pain for the Johnson, who could be forced to delay Brexit again.

It should have been a day of humiliation for Johnson after the Supreme Court's blistering judgement; instead, it was a day of defiance.

The first day back at Parliament - more like the first day back at school.


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