Death during sex on business trip ruled industrial accident, French company found liable

He died while having sex with a stranger.
He died while having sex with a stranger. Photo credit: Getty.

A French man died while having extramarital sex during a business trip, and his company has been found liable.

The anonymous man known only as Xavier X worked as an engineer for railway services company TSO, which is based near Paris.

While on a work trip to central France in 2013, he began what his employer says was an "extramarital relationship with a perfect stranger".

The man was in the middle of a tryst at the stranger's home when he suffered a cardiac arrest and died.

When the state health insurance provider said his death was a workplace accident, TSO challenged it in court.

The firm argued the man was not carrying out work duties at the time of his death, but under French law an employer is held responsible for any accident that occurs during a work trip.

The insurance provider said that sexual activity was common "like taking a shower or a meal".

This view was upheld in the Paris appeals court and the employer was found liable.


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