Doctor in South Korea performs abortion on wrong patient

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A doctor in South Korea has performed an abortion on the wrong patient after a nurse mixed up the identities of two women.

A nurse at a gynecology clinic in Seoul mistakenly administered anesthesia to a pregnant patient who had been prescribed nutritional shots, confusing her identity with another woman wanting an abortion, says Seoul Gangseo police. 

The Vietnamese woman, who was six weeks pregnant, fell asleep. A doctor subsequently performed an abortion on the pregnant victim after failing to check and confirm the patient's identity, says police.

Seoul Gangseo police told ABC News that both the doctor and nurse have been charged on suspicion of professional negligence.

"They admitted to committing such offence," the police told the outlet.

An investigation is currently underway and the case will be sent to the prosecutor's office.

The victim had visited the hospital with her husband in August for a pregnancy test. She was also prescribed an IV solution for nutritional supplements, ABC News reports.

The woman returned to the clinic the next day after experiencing bleeding, where she was informed by another doctor that she had received an abortion.


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