'Drunk', 'wobbly' raccoons spotted stumbling around Canadian town in broad daylight

Raccoons. Photo credit: Getty

A number of raccoons have been spotted getting drunk and disorderly in a suburban Canadian community.

Residents say the normally nocturnal critters have been stumbling around the Ottawa suburb of Stittsville, sleeping off their hangovers during the day.

One local told CBC a "wobbly" raccoon found their way into her backyard. 

"He was dragging his legs, having a hard time standing up," she told the outlet.

Another received a visit from an animal control officer last week after neighbours reported an intoxicated raccoon.

"This guy was sleeping it off under our deck," the resident said.

"It was sort of stumbling along... [like] someone who may have had a few extra libations."

A drunk raccoon caught lazing about during the day.
A drunk raccoon caught lazing about during the day. Photo credit: CBC/Screengrab

Carleton University biology professor Michael Runtz told the outlet that instead of day-drinking at the local bar, the drunkards have likely been overindulging in fermented fruit.

Although Runtz has not examined any of the raccoons, he says the little rascals have likely been binging on the high quantities of fallen fruit in the area, including berries and crab apples.

It's not the first time raccoons have been spotted living it up during daylight hours. In West Virginia last year, a number of locals reported seeing raccoons falling out of trees - perhaps in an inebriated attempt to emulate their favourite snack.

Runtz has recommended against force-feeding the lightweights Powerade and toast, instead advising residents to let the fluffy boozers sleep it off.

In a statement to CBC, Ottawa's animal control department said officers will attend all reports of sick or injured wild animals, and will transport the animal to a vet or the Ottawa Humane Society.


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