Hitler's wife's underwear sold for $7300 at US auction

Some underwear.
The underwear. Photo credit: Humbert and Ellis

Adolf Hitler's wife's undies have sold at auction for US$4600 (NZ$7300).

Eva Braun's single pair of pale pink knickers sold at Humbert and Ellis Auctioneers on Thursday, the Washington Examiner reports.

They were silk and monogrammed with her initials.

"There continues to be a perennial interest in personal artifacts from such notorious high-level WWII figures and accordingly such items, even without provenance, command high prices," auctioneer Jonathan Humbert told the Examiner.

The anonymous phone bidder also bought Braun's cotton nightie for more than US$3300 (NZ$4794). 

Hitler and Braun both died by suicide in 1945 as the allied forces closed in on Berlin.

The sale of Nazi historical artifacts has long caused controversy. An auction of Hitler's dishes in Paris in 2014 was criticised at the time.

French Jewish groups said the auction was "harming the memory of victims of Nazi barbarity" and it was cancelled after the first advertisement.