Hong Kong protesters march to US consulate

Hong Kong protesters
Hong Kong protesters will march to the US consulate. Photo credit: Reuters

Hong Kong anti-government protesters will march to the US consulate to deliver a petition asking the US Congress to sign a bill containing punitive measures for officials found to have suppressed "basic freedoms".

The petition to be delivered on Sunday is calling for US legislators to sign the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

The act would allow the US government to revoke visas or freeze assets of officials found to "suppress basic freedoms" of Hong Kong residents.

Clashes were expected later in the evening at Mong Kok and Prince Edward subway stations, where protesters have been gathering late at night for the past week to protest against police violence.

Rumours continued to circulate online that a protester died after police stormed Prince Edward station last weekend, leading many residents to leave Buddhist funeral offerings near the station's exit.

On Saturday night, the government released an unprecedented statement that no deaths resulted from police enforcement since protests began three months ago.

Protests appeared set to continue even after Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam earlier this week formally withdrew the controversial bill that ignited the city's ongoing political crisis.

The bill would have amended Hong Kong law to allow for residents to be extradited to mainland China.

Since protests began on June 9, they have escalated into a mass anti-government demonstration with additional demands including calls for electoral reform. Protesters have said they will continue to demonstrate until all of their demands are met.