US school bus driver caught driving drunk

A 48-year-old school bus driver will not return to work after she was allegedly caught drunk while on the job in Washington.

Catherine Maccarone was driving the Longview Public Schools bus when she was stopped on September 12, ABC News reports.

A police statement said a student called emergency services saying he suspected the woman was drink driving.

She reportedly told students while she was driving: "I am crazy. I'm totally crazy". In video from the bus, she can be heard rambling as school children scream.

The school's superintendent says it's an isolated incident.

"First of all, I want to tell our parents I'm sorry and as a system, this should not have happened," Dr Dan Zorn told local news source KGW8.

The ABC reported Maccarone had driven two bus routes on the afternoon she was arrested.

Twitter users are disgusted and unimpressed by the driver's behaviour.

"How in the world was she hired[?]" one said.

"I'd be damned if the bus driver was driving drunk with my babies in the bus F**K THAT!" another wrote.

Dr Zorn told KGW8 the driver had no history of such behaviour.

"We're taking it very seriously and doing everything we can to assure it does not happen."

The bus driver is due to appear in court on October 15.