Watch: Drone delivers drugs and a phone to US prisoners

Inmates in a US prison have been delivered drugs via drone.

Footage released by officials in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, shows inmates playing a popular American game called cornhole in an outdoor recreation area, local news reported.

One inmate walks around with an orange prison shirt over his hands, looking to the sky. Eventually, a small package drops - but the inmate misjudges its trajectory and it bounces right off his makeshift mitt onto the ground.

He quickly chucks the shirt on top of it, before picking it up and strolling out of the camera's line of sight.

The package contained cannabis and a phone, officials said. Other packages which didn't make it to their destination were also recovered from the prison's roof, Fox 8 Cleveland reported, including "suspected drugs, cell phones, and other miscellaneous items". 

No charges have yet been laid against the inmates, media reported.

The incident reportedly happened in June. 

Two Australians were imprisoned last year after a failed attempt to fly drugs into a Queensland prison. 



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